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WiWU Rainbow Wi-P008 Power bank 10000mAh

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Wiwu Wi-P008 Rainbow LED Light Indicator Colorful Portable Powerbank PD 22.5W 10000mAh

WIWU Rainbow Power Bank portable charger is a product that stands out with both its aesthetic design and functionality.

Various Output Options: The power bank is designed to be compatible with modern devices. You can charge many different devices with Type-C and USB-A output options.

Capacity: The battery capacity of the device is 10000mAh.

PD 22.5W Charging Power

Battery Indicator: Easily check the remaining energy with four LED lights on the top.

Type-C Output: Most new generation devices use this input.

USB-A Output: Suitable for more classic devices.

Design: It has a slim and lightweight construction, making it portable and user-friendly. Rounded edges provide a comfortable grip in the hand.

General Features: Thanks to the fast charging feature, you can charge your devices in a short time. It also has multiple outputs to charge multiple devices simultaneously.

WIWU Rainbow Power Bank is a reliable assistant that will be with you when you need energy in your daily life. This device attracts attention with its stylish design and high functionality.

Technicial Specifications

Product Name: Rainbow Power Bank

Model No: Wi-P008

Capacity: 10000mAh / 3.7V

Power: 20+22.5W

Output: Type-C / USB-A


Lightning : 5V = 2.4A

(USB-C): 5V=3A/9V=2.22A/12V=167A

USB -A:5V = 4.5A/4.5V = 5A/5V = 3A 9V = 2A/ 12V =1.5A

It provides safe use with 6 protection protocols.

- Overcharge protection,

- Over discharge protection,

- Overcurrent protection,

- Overvoltage protection,

- Short circuit protection,

- Overheat protection.

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