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NUEVA High-definition magnification display Blackhead Remover Vacuum

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NUEVA High-definition magnification display Blackhead Remover Vacuum

  • 60x High-definition 2 Million Pixel
  • 6 Build-in LED Lights
  • No damage to pores
  • No bruise or redness
  • 5 levels of Suctions For all skin type
  • 4 Suction Heads Perfect Cleaning Effect
  • 1 Single Charge last for 3 months


NUEVA High-definition magnification display Blackhead Remover Vacuum with real-time visual

✔ No swelling, no marks, no damage to the skin

✔ 2 million high pixels, 60x lens, clean at a glance

✔ Quickly suck out pores and dirt, the amateur test is super sensation

Doesn't hurt the skin
There is no redness, swelling, bruising, or marks on the tip after inhalation. Suggestions for use, do not stay in the same area for more than 3 seconds, but the actual test (recommended not to imitate) will not leave marks on the skin if it stops for a while

Suction strength
In the actual trial, as long as the pores are opened by a simple hot compress, the suction power is sufficient, and it sucks out a lot of sebum and hard acne.

Suitable for all kinds of skin
4 transparent suction heads × 5 levels of suction, a total of 20 operation modes can be combined! Different shapes of suction heads are suitable for different parts of the nose, chin, etc.; the number of stages can be adjusted according to the fragility of your skin, and it is really effective without hurting the skin!

The main feature of nueva is "moderate suction without damaging the muscles."

The main reason is its specifications-more suction levels and more suction tips than the general acne machines on the market.

5 levels for different skin types × 4 suction heads for different parts, combined with 20 use modes, can take into account multiple types of skin conditions. At the same time, it has passed three peace of mind certifications. After all, it is a product to be used on the face. Quality and safety are very important. One more certification provides an additional layer of protection.

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