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Nillkin Protective Bounce Case

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Nillkin Bounce Case

Made of TPU & PC, Nillkin Bounce Case offers all-around shock protection for your AirPods. Innovative pop-out lid mechanism makes opening the lid as easy as a button click and closing it as crisp as a snap. Four-corner shock-absorbent design defeats any of your anxiety over accidental drops. Easy assembly made possible by separate body parts. Wireless-charging compatible. Water and oil repellent finish renders the cleaning process a piece of cake. Also comes with a stainless-steel hook to prevent accidental loss when going outside.

  • Full Coverage Protection
  • Impact Resistant
  • Mecha Color Combo
  • Snap On , Auto Pop-Out

Click ! It's Open -

Open the case with a single button made possible by innovative pop-out mechanism.

Snap, It's On -

Lock-on latch keeps the case tightly closed & prevent the headphones from flinging out.

Mecha Armor -

Soft & hard materials combined to provide corner-to-corner protection

*Installation Procedure*

  1. Tear off the removable plastic protective film on the upper cover.
  2. Assemble & align the upper cover, then press tightly.
  3. Attach the cover & align it.
  4. Install the hook, the installation is complete.


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