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JisuLife FA18S Clip On Fan

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JISULIFE Clip Fan Life1


3-in-1 fan: Multifunction, on the table, hang it, clip anywhere.

Cool all-day: 4000mAh battery for up to 15hrs cool.

Customized airflow: 4 level modes with manual all-around pan & tilt capabilities.

Safe design: Equipped with finger-proof grilles and eco-friendly material for kids.

Easy clean: Easy to clean with the detachable cover design.



Adjustable. Rechargable.

Ensures convenient travel and setup.

The 4-speed fan is masterly made to fasten to a variety of surfaces. Robust, durable grip clamp with extra-wide opening and anti-slip padding allows you to securely attach the fan to a stroller frame, bumper or child’s tray, provides great flexibility for cooling experience wherever you need it.


Max. clip


It simply clamps firmly in place.


All-round Rotation

Freely direct air anywhere.

With manual all-round pan & tilt capabilities, FA18S can provide

flexibility required for various senarios.


Breathtaking performance,

without the noise.

Engineered to be powerful and quiet at the same time.

100% copper motor ensures long-lasting operation while maintaining minimal noise output.

Aerodynamic fan blades are designed to push a lot of air and have a lot of speeds.

The simple press button controls the variable speeds so that you will easily find the right amount of airflow you want.

Covered with finger-proof, protective cage to little fingers safely away from blades.


Sound asleep

with natural breeze.

4.33” blades provide a natural,

soft breeze to a large cooling area.

It empowers you to design a relaxing,

comfortable sleep environment to

help promote a more restorative night’s sleep.


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