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Lavi Vitamin C Shower Filter

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Lavi Vitamin C Shower Filter is Made in Korea and it comes in 14 aroma that you will like!

Ingredients & Effects:

Anti- oxidant Vitamin C -Prevents skin elasticity and damage and is effective in brightening.

Hyaluronic acid -Excellent for moisturising skin and effective for skin diseases and acne.

Milk powder - Effective in removing dead cells , exfoliating and helps protect the skin.

Evening primrose oil - Effective in recovering skin damaged by active oxygen and helps protect the skin.

Portulaca extract - Helps to stabilise the skin, moisturise the skin, strengthen resistance.

Changpo extract - Provides elasticity and nourishment to the hair. Helps make healthy and soft hair, promotes blood circulation and create healthy scalp.

Lavi Aroma - The original flavouring solution for La-Vi Shower Filter is a safe product that was created under the leadership of a perfume expert with high-quality original solution from France.

This scent has been proven to be stable, so brushing your teeth or gargling in the shower is harmless to your body.High-quality scents help to stabilise the body and relieve stress.


Do have it installed at a 45 degree angle best to have it installed near the shower head.

*NOTE* Installing it at 90 degree upright/ upside down, will shortened the lifespan of the filter.

Comes in 14 different aroma

Perfume Addition: Aventus , White Musk, Black Berry

Flower Series: Noble Acacia, Jasmine Mint , Shiny Freesia ,Rose , French Lavender

Fruit Series: Black Cherry , Bahama Breeze, Red GrapeFruit ,Lovely Peach, Lemon Squash, Green Grape

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