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ideale i-Pro K10 Percussion Massage Gun

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What is a Fascia Gun?

Fascia gun, also known as deep myofascial physiotheraphy instrument, has the functions of relaxing muscles & tendons, promoting blood circulation, dredging collaterals & massaging acupoints. Meanwhile, it can also effectively relax muscles, accelerate the elimination of lactic acid accumulation, promote blood circulation & improve the soft tissue health of the body.

  • Strong Power
  • High-Frequency Power Vibration
  • Strong Stability
  • Low Noise Operation
  • 3 Level Adjustable Speed
  • Hot & Cold Therapy

3-Key Health Benefits

  1. Warming-up Before Exercise Activate Muscles & Soft Tissues
  2. Relaxing During Exercise , Relieve Muscle & Fascia Pain
  3. Health Care After Exercise , Shorten Muscle Recovery Time

Charge Your Body -

Start the whole day with full of vitality , You can choose the low-level mode to massage & relax , get rid of fatigue, wake up muscle vitality & 'Charge' your body.

Powerful & Quiet -

Professional deep tissue massage uses advanced engine to ensure power, and bring high power but low noise, delivering up to 2800-3200 percussion per minute.Quite quiet during working, only about 35-50dB by the unique noise reduction technology, you can use it at home, gym, office, etc.

Hot & Cold Therapy -

  1. Level 1 + Hot Therapy, Neck Massage Can Relieve The Tightness Of The Neck Muscles.
  2. Push The Shoulder & Neck Position From The Inside Out To Relieve The Fatigue & Numbness Of The Shoulder Muscles.
  3. Vibration + Hot Therapy, Push & Pull Massage With One Hand To Relieve Backache.
  4. Level 1-2 + Hot Therapy, Left & Right Shift Push to Relieve Waist Ache & Long Stand-ing Pressure.
  5. Cold-Hot Therapy + Vibration Can Relieve The Numbness Of The Arm Muscles Before & After Exercise.
  6. Suitable For Abdomen. Women use Hot Therapy Mode During Menstrual Period To Warm-Abdomen & Expel Coldness.

5 Type Of Massage Head -

  1. Cold/Hot Therapy Head: Relieve the pain of sports sprain, & tightness & numbness by massaging.
  2. Spherical Ball Head: Suitable for massaging arms, waist, back, buttocks, thighs, calves & other large muscle groups.
  3. Flat Head: Suitable for massaging neck & cervical vertebra.
  4. U-Shaped Head: Suitable for impacting deep tissues, such as meridians, palm, soles, neck & etc.
  5. Cylindrical Head: Suitable for relaxing & shaping, & various of muscle parts.


Charging Time
4 Hours

Impact Stroke


Battery Capacity


Working Hours
Up to 10 Hours

Speed Strength2800-3200Rpm

What's In The Box

  • ideale i-Pro Percussion Massage Gun
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • 5 Attachment Head: Cold/Hot Therapy Head, Spherical Head, Flat head, U Shaped Head , Cylindrical Head


1 Year Local Warranty

Customer Reviews

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ideale i-Pro K10 Percussion Massage Gun

good! good! good!
this is my 1st time buying a massage gun and it really helps to relieve the muscle soreness that I always have. The packaging is also very exquisite & solid! I will recommend this product to my family and friends too!