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JisuLife FA19A Portable Desk Fan

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Why Should I Need a Small Desk Fan?

JISULIFE FA19 Desktop Fan dedicated to your summer refreshment, cool wind, more serenity.


Whether you’re at the office, sleeping, camping out, fresh out of the shower in the locker room, hot in the kitchen, or looking for a great travel option, JIUSLIFE desktop fan is a great choice to give you a break from the summer heat, it’s thin, light, and portable, and it goes everywhere you go.


JISULIFE FA19 Desktop Fan More Unique Design:


18cm Oversized Fan: Small, Powerful, Sturdy.

Quiet Tech:<30dB, for lower noise, more serenity.

Multiple Use Scenarios: desktop / hanging on the wall.

4 wind speeds to customize your airflow: Soft Breeze– Gentle Wind– Strong Wind–Night Breeze.

JISULIFE FA19 USB Portable Rechargeable Fan 4000mAH Battery with Type C Charging Port


  • Max 15H Long Battery Life: JISULIFE desk fan powered by 4000mAh rechargeable battery, which can work continuously 5-15h depending on the wind speeds. With USB-C charging port, Full charge takes 3-4 hours, 2X faster than the rest. Perfect for office, room, desktop, kitchen, bedroom, travel, camping.
  • 4 Speeds Adjustable & Strong Airflow: JISULIFE small desk fan has 4 speed soft breeze/gentle wind/strong wind/night breeze to meet different cool needs, short press the power button to operate. Equipped with 7 fan blades and copper brushless motor, it provides powerful wind at a stable speed to cool you down quickly.
  • Flexible and Thin Design: JISULIFE small desk fan, which is also a wireless fan, is designed with a handle at the top, so it is flexible, easy to carry and pack, and has a lot of freedom in placement, or can be hung on the wall. The base is a relatively small parallel hexahedron that saves space and can be placed even on very small table tops.
  • Silent Noise Reduction Tech: JISULIFE desktop fan was made of acoustic composite material and built-in top-mounted anechoic motor, noise less than 30dB. This makes the fan work ultra-quiet and not disturb your work, sleep, makeup and cooking.
  • 18cm Oversized Fan and Washable Design: Compared to other desktop fans, JISULIFE desk fan with 18cm oversized fan, the fan assembly supports 330° vertical rotation, allowing you to direct airflow to your liking. while the front cover can be easily removed for cleaning, still clean and bright for next summer.
  • Perfect for office, home, desktop, dorm, camp, laptop, library, garden, bedroom, travel, etc.


Here are some features:


1、Strong Wind : Powerful motor and especially designed 7 blades bring you comfortable wind


2、4 Wind Speeds: Soft Breeze- Gentle Wind- Strong Wind-Night Breeze


3、16cm Oversized Fan: Small, Powerful, Sturdy.


4、Ultra Silent: Copper brushless motor rotates steadily, streamlined wind-guided covers lower resistance and noise, seven airfoil-shaped blades blow gentle wind (<30dB).


5、Detachable and Washable: Dismountable fan covers, convenient to wipe and clean.


6、Silicone Base Design: Soft to touch, non-slip and against fall down


7、Superior ABS Materials: Excellent oil resistance, great to touch and non-greasy.


8、Considerate LED Indicator: White light keeps on/Battery capacity is more than 65%; Green light keeps on/ Battery capacity is between 30% to 65%; Red light keeps on/ Battery capacity is between 10-30%; Red light blinks rapidly/Battery capacity is less than 10%

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