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ideale Dual Mode Air Purifier

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Dual-mode portable air purifier produces negative ions can quickly kill all kinds of bacteria and germs, and automatically remove air pollutants such as bad odor, germs, bacteria, formaldehyde, dust, smoke, pollen, PM2.5 & small particles, etc. from the air. 

  • Remove Germs & Bacteria

  • Dispel Smoke & PM2.5

  • Battery or USB Powered

Dual Mode (O3 & O3+ Mode, Ionic Mode)

O3 & O3+ Mode

Powerful deodorisation and sterilisation functions to remove toxic pollutants and allergens in the air by ozone.

Ionic Mode

Effectively removes particle pollutants in the air by releasing a tremendous amount of negative ions. Besides, high negative ion concentration can freshen the air and create positive vibes.

Portable & Versatile

Mini Ozone Ionic Air Purifier is compact & portable, easy to carry.

It can be used in home, office and car - refrigerator, car seat, desktop, washroom, shoe cabinet and so on.

Rechargeable Battery / USB Powered

Rechargeable battery / USB powered, two way to use the device whenever and wherever you are.

Stand / Lie Design

With its special design, you can place the device either vertically or horizontally in your space.

Maintenance Free

No filter replacement is needed. No extra cost.

Take a look at how effective this Air Purifier works. 


Input voltage:

3.7V(Battery), 5V(USB Power)

Power consumption:


Charging time:

About 4 hours*

Battery life:

About 20 days (O3 Mode)*

Ozone output:

12 mg/h

Negative ion output:


Product dimensions:


Net weight:


Ambient temperature (operating):


Ambient temperature (storage):


 * Battery life and charge cycles vary by use and many other factors such as ambient temperature, the mode and battery aging.


1 Year Limited Warranty

What's included:

1. ideale Dual Mode Rechargeable Portable Air Purifier

2. Micro-USB Charging Cable

3. User Manual